The Subaru Boxer engine is located at the heart of every Subaru vehicle. If you wish to buy Subaru, you have to understand its mechanism first. The intelligent engineering and the incredible technology behind its Boxer engine delivers the get-up and go you anticipate from a Subaru, and delivers plenty of power for its symmetrical AWD system. As you can see, the flat laying engine design delivers the perfect combination of power, balance, and efficiency. Aside from the occupants, the most important core of your vehicle will be under the hood. While our major players in the industry may focus more on the rear-seat, DVD players and the cupholders, at Subaru, their main goal is to deliver an excellent driving experience and to ensure safety. The Subaru Boxer engine delivers the most adverse conditions and would maintains the highest fuel efficiency among devoted AWD vehicles. When you compare and contrast the Boxer to any other engine styles, you will realize there is no comparison quickly.


You wish to have a smooth ride together with long lasting dependability. As you can see, the Subaru Boxer engines' exceptional design delivers less vibration than their competitors. Each horizontally opposed piston cancels the vibration of the contrary piston. Here are some related facts at


Aside from Subaru, only Porsche makes use of the unique Boxer engine style in order to maximize the stability and the power. It's no wonder why Inline engines and V-Type in Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Nissan do not compare to the Subaru Boxer. You wish your power engine to last the soonest possible time, right? Try to look at the cars below. Notice how its pistons in the boxer engine are always lubricated. Also, the lubed pistons on the Boxer engine would wear slower than the dry starting Inline as well as the V-type engines since there is less friction when partially starting your vehicle.


According to 2016 Subaru Outback Meridian MS, the next-generation known as Impreza will feature a sharper new look,  fuel efficiency gains and technical innovations. Boasting 2.0-litre Boxer engine, its Symmetrical All-wheel Drive Subaru would pump out the 148hp at 6200rpm, while giving fuel economy gains of around 35%. Today, you can search for a Subaru Car Dealer on the interne and find some pretty reputable, professional, skilled, and experienced services to deal with.



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